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At Rowcroft, we endeavour to make every day the best it can be for our patients and families. Living with a life-limiting illness can mean that everyday tasks become incredibly challenging. However, physiotherapy can provide a positive improvement to patients’ quality of life.

Rowcroft physiotherapists not only help to relieve symptoms such as pain, stress, nausea, and shortness of breath, but they also enable patients to maintain their dignity and independence. This helps families to spend precious moments together during some of the hardest times imaginable. Jennifer Wakelin is a Specialist Physiotherapist Team Leader, caring for patients predominantly in the Inpatient Unit and also as part of the community team.

I have always had a passion for end-of-life care. The difference physiotherapy can make to patients’ physical and mental wellbeing makes this a really fulfilling job. Listening and responding is just as much a part of the care as the physical support.

Physiotherapy can support a patient to complete their wishes. Sometimes the small things lead to big moments, like showing a patient arm-strengthening exercises in order to help them hold their new-born grandchild for the first time. We recently supported a patient with mobility practice to get her home for Christmas. She later shared with us that it was best Christmas she had ever had. Helping patients share precious moments like this with their loved ones is what Rowcroft’s care is all about.

Rowcroft believes that nobody should be living with preventable discomfort. Our team of physiotherapists work as part of a multi–disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists to provide comfort to our patients. Managing pain is a top priority of our care.

One of the biggest concerns that patients can feel is that they are a burden to their families. Assisting patients in prolonging their independence through mobility helps to alleviate this stress.

Rowcroft is a very special place to work. It is a very friendly and welcoming team. Everyone is so passionate about the hospice, and everyone goes the extra mile in patient care.

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