When can I visit the Inpatient Unit? +

We don’t have strict visiting times in the Unit. Instead, we always try to be flexible to meet your needs, and those of the patient you’re visiting.

It is very helpful, however, if you could avoid visiting during meal times and other really busy periods, such as early in the morning. Try to arrive after 11am if you can. Family members are welcome to stay throughout the day and evening.

Please let our ward clerk know that you have arrived at the Unit. A nurse will then check that your loved one is feeling up to receiving visitors. Our first priority is always to our patient, so if they’re too tired, we may ask you to return later.

Is there parking available? +

Yes, we have a free car park for visitors.

What should I do about food? +

While we can’t provide meals for visitors, you’re always welcome to bring food in.

There’s also a dining table in the lounge, so you can sit down to eat as a family.

Can I stay over? +

We do have a family room with sofa beds, which is available in certain circumstances.

If you want to stay over, please speak to a member of the nursing team in advance, so that they can arrange fresh bedding.

How can family and other visitors offer support? +

Our bedside lockers are not very large and so it helps throughout your stay if your family 
can bring clean night clothes in and take away the others for washing.

Animals can bring great comfort to people, so we will always try to arrange for our patients to see their pet if they want to.

What if family and friends are unable to visit? +

We recognise that if it is not possible for you to visit the hospice, it’s important for you to maintain close connection with your loved one, and for them to know that you are there for them. Here are a few thoughts on ways to overcome this challenge if circumstances get in the way.

  • The hospice has an iPod and an iPad which can be used by your loved one to video call you, if they do not have one themselves.
  • Create a little place at home that helps you to remember your loved one with favourite pictures or objects that provide you with some comfort.
  • Record a message about your day, the sounds of home, the feelings you have for them or a funny time you had together. You can then send this message to us and we will share it with your loved one, or you can send it to them direct.
  • How can you remind yourself of all that has been memorable in your loved one’s life? And how can you remind your loved one of all that’s been memorable in yours?
  • Can you share or listen to favourite music, or watch a film or read a book that means something to them or about them?
  • Can you share a cherished story that helps the Rowcroft care team to know a bit more about your loved one, and about you and the family, and close friends?
  • For children, would they like to draw and share pictures with your loved one? Or write and share notes? Or sing a favourite song over the phone? Or read aloud their favourite book?
  • We have pairs of hearts at the hospice, one of which can be with the patient and the other sent to you at home, as means of virtual connection and a reminder of your shared love.

What if your loved one is unable to join you at the funeral of someone important to you? +

If your loved one is unable to join you, we can help by laying on a shadow funeral at the hospice at the same time as the real event.

If you have any more questions, please give the Inpatient Unit a ring on 01803 210800.

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