Caring for You and the Patient

When your loved one has a life-limiting illness, you can end up neglecting your own needs. You might find that you’re not eating enough healthy food, or getting enough sleep. You might bottle your feelings up, because you’re worried about upsetting the person who’s ill.

Your wellbeing is important, and we’re here to offer you support, whether it’s giving you time for yourself, or someone to talk to. We offer a wide range of relaxation and support services. They’re all free of charge and you can choose whether to receive our help at home or in our Outpatients Centre. Please click on the links below to find out more.

If you’d like to find out more, or access any of our services, please speak to a Rowcroft nurse, or call our Community Team on 01803 201811.

8 Flower Arrangers
flower arrangers create a homely environment in our Inpatient Unit
Over 2,000 Local Care Patients
local people received care and support from us last year

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