Rowcroft Hospice Quality Account 2022/2023

Published annually, Rowcroft’s Quality Account gives detailed information about the quality of services provided by Rowcroft Hospice to our patients and families. It explains what our organisation is doing well, highlights progress on last year’s priorities for improvement, and outlines key development areas for the coming year.

The quality of our service is measured by reviewing patient safety, the effectiveness of patient services, and feedback about the care we provide.

Rowcroft Hospice Quality Account 2022-2023

Our Strategic Plan 2024 – 2030

Our new strategic plan outlines our vision for the next six years. We are dedicated to leading the way in compassionate end-of-life care, adapting to our community’s changing needs. Our commitment is to empower individuals, making each day the best it can be, and creating opportunities for precious moments to be shared with family and friends. We will also address our community’s evolving clinical needs by expanding our capacity and capabilities. And commercially, we aim to build a sustainable future that aligns with our charitable goals while reducing reliance on traditional funding sources. Together, we embark on a journey of care, empathy, and hope, ensuring that no-one faces the challenges of life-limiting illnesses alone.

Our Strategic Plan 2024 – 2030

Statement of Purposes

Rowcroft Hospice is an independent charity which provides specialist palliative care services to the South Devon community. The total population of the geographical area served is 280,000. The services are funded in the main through donations and legacies with a minority funding from a commissioning grant from the NHS.

Rowcroft aims to provide support and access to the best possible care for those adults in the community of South Devon who face aprogressive,life-limiting illness, regardless of their culture, diagnosis and ethnic background.

Rowcroft Hospice Statement of Purpose

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