How our Social Workers can Help

Being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness can be frightening and overwhelming. It’s sometimes hard to know where to turn, and how to access the support you’re entitled to. Our palliative social workers are here to help. From discussing complex family dynamics, to contacting the council and other bodies on your behalf, they’re on your side. Whether you meet at Rowcroft, or in your own home, your social worker is here to:

  • offer advice on housing, benefits and other services
  • give you and your family emotional support
  • help you to talk about your illness with children and other family members
  • provide books, memory boxes and other resources for children and young people
  • explain your rights and make sure you get the help you’re entitled to
  • ensure your choices are respected wherever possible

Please ask your GP, consultant or Rowcroft member of staff to refer you to us. Together, we can make sure that every day is the best day possible.

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