Improve your wellbeing

Here we have a range of resources to help improve wellbeing…

With a little help from Rowcroft’s experts, we have developed a range of resources to provide support and comfort during times of stress and anxiety.

Please feel free to explore these videos and audio clips, and share them with others. The videos offer advice on: music therapy, spiritual support, mental health and wellbeing, and relaxation.

We hope to develop the resources on this page, so please do check back again for additional information.

Some blue flowers sprout outside.

Music therapy

Music can work magic in our lives in so many different ways…

It can lift a person’s mood, inspire and invigorate. It can also relax, calm and restore balance. In this six-minute video, David Holmes, Rowcroft’s Music Therapist, outlines four techniques in which we can use music to lift our spirits.

Watch David’s video

In addition, David has kindly provided some relaxing music tracks of a sound bowl and flute. One of these tracks is set to calming video clips of water flowing in a sparkling stream.

Track 1  Track 2  Track 3

Spiritual support

Spiritual care helps us to draw upon things that we find comfort and strength in – things that bring meaning to our lives and shape our personal sense of self, our spirituality.

Rowcroft’s Spiritual Care Specialist Katie Evans is here for all our patients and families – people of all faiths and none – to provide a listening ear and support alongside other members of the team. She says:

“Taking time to connect with your spirituality can support your wellbeing. Spiritual care, tailored to you as an individual, is part of the holistic care Rowcroft Hospice offers. All our team will listen to you with respect and empathy, supporting you to connect with what matters to you.”

Rowcroft’s Spiritual Care leaflet

Rowcroft’s Spiritual Care video

Our previous Spiritual Care Specialist Andy Barton created a range of resources about spiritual care including:

Spiritual Time Out audio recording

5 min walk in Rowcroft’s gardens – video


During times of challenge and stress, it is more important than ever to take some time to relax.

Here Julie Milton, our Complementary Therapy Team Leader, provides four relaxation audio tracks:

Track 1. Overview of relaxation and techniques

Track 2. Relaxation technique: Progressive muscle relaxation

Track 3. Relaxation technique: Journey through the body in the mind’s eye

Track 4. Relaxation technique: Visualisation

Track 5. Guided Imagery – The Waterfall

Listen to our 3 Minute Breathing Space and our Meditation for Breathlessness and Anxiety


Space in nature

Spending time in nature can benefit your health and wellbeing. Research shows that contact with nature reduces stress and anxiety. Connection with the natural environment has been found to lift mood, boost mindfulness and increase resilience.

Book time in the comfy, accessible Bird Hide in Rowcroft’s beautiful gardens here.

Try one of these simple nature connectedness activities wherever you are:

Colour matching

A walking meditation

Being with nature

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