Preparing Digital Assets

Sorting out your Digital Assets and Digital Legacy.

We don’t always consider what will happen to our digital information after we die. Photos, music, online bank accounts and shares are often stored on mobile phones, computers and tablets or saved in the cloud on services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A useful exercise is to jot down all your online accounts and consider what would happen to these in the event of your death.

Digital Estate Checklist

  1. If you have a security password on your mobile phone or any other electronic device, you may want to think about how best to manage your passwords.
  2. If you have a social media account (like Facebook) you may want to download your photos and videos from the service and pass them onto your next of kin. You may also want to provide administrative access of your social media accounts to someone you trust.
  3. If you have online subscriptions or online bank accounts you may want to make suitable plans for each.
  4. If you have photos or videos stored on electronic devices or in the cloud you may want to make a folder of your favourite pictures and share them with a friend or family member.

The Digital Legacy Association provides more detailed information along with a social media will template

Rowcroft has also produced a short guide, Death in a digital age, to help people navigate some of the available options on social media when faced with a palliative illness or experiencing a bereavement.

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