Our impact 2018-19

Thanks to support from our community, all of our care was provided free of charge to patients, families and carers across 300 square miles of South Devon. We were there for patients day and night, throughout the year:

2,552 patients with life-limiting illness were cared for by Rowcroft in their own homes, in the community and at our Inpatient Unit in Torquay.

1,598 patients were supported by our Community Team – who provided expert advice and support to help patients maintain their independence and wellbeing.

439 patients were able to spend the final weeks of their lives at home, cared for day and night by our Hospice at Home Team.

1,345 health and social care professionals enhanced their knowledge on the delivery of palliative care by attending Rowcroft-run educational events and courses.

80% of our patients were cared for in their own homes, as per their wishes.

Over the last year, our community and Hospice at Home teams conducted a total of 9,526 visits and 12,117 calls to patients referred to us.

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Our vision and work

To make every day the best it can be for patients and their families living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon.

Rowcroft works in many ways to help patients and their families living with life-limiting conditions in South Devon. All services are offered to patients and their families free of charge:

  • Our Community Team offers a range of services to support patients who have received a terminal diagnosis. Specialist nurses help patients to live well for as long as possible, in their own home, or nursing/care home.
  • Our Hospice at Home Team offers 24/7 nursing care to patients at home or in their nursing/care home, in their last few weeks of life.
  • Our 12-bed Inpatient Unit cares for patients whose palliative needs cannot be met at home, or in their nursing/care home.
  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists help patients maintain and improve their mobility and independence. They can also ease pain.
  • Complementary therapies such as reflexology and massage help ease stress and anxiety. Music therapy supports emotional wellbeing.
  • Our Bereavement Service volunteers offer support to grieving relatives.
  • Our Education Team provides training in palliative and end-of-life care to local health and social care staff and volunteers.
  • Rowcroft’s Sanctuary space within the Inpatient Unit provides spiritual support to patients and their loved ones.

Outstanding care

We are proud that Rowcroft’s care has been rated as ‘outstanding’ (the highest possible rating) by the Care Quality Commission.

In 2019, we invited friends and family of Rowcroft’s patients to share their experiences of our services. Feedback was very positive, with the overwhelming majority saying they were ‘very satisfied’ with our care.

Rowcroft’s values of respect, generosity of spirit, teamwork, honesty and integrity are integral to everything we do.

What our patients and families say…

“The patience, skills and care received was life changing or life giving!”

“I was cared for professionally, efficiently and with the utmost sensitivity.”

“When I was admitted here on my 73rd birthday, the welcome was absolutely outstanding. The food, the care, the attention to detail, to make me feel totally relaxed. Knowing you’ve got people right behind you, the fear goes away. I’ve watched the staff working and believe me, it’s not work – it’s love. When you feel that love, it’s like being covered by a giant soothing duvet.”

Eithne’s story

After Michael was diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, both he and his sister Eithne (Michael’s carer) found comfort and support in the care that Rowcroft provides for patients and their families.

With Rowcroft’s help, they found ways to make the best of the time they had, until Michael peacefully passed away at home earlier this year. Michael was a talented musician, and Eithne was amazed to discover that Rowcroft could provide music therapy. She arranged for Rowcroft’s Music Therapist, David, to visit them at home:

“It was fabulous. I recorded the whole of the session which lasted about an hour. At a time like that, it’s a boost. At times we felt down and to have David come around, it definitely lifted Michael’s heart and mine too! When Michael played the Irish jigs, the atmosphere was electric. I had to resist singing along or doing a dance and focus on recording – this is now a treasure that I carry around with me on my phone! I’m lost for words because it’s something that you definitely wouldn’t expect.”

Eithne also found support and comfort from Rowcroft’s services, including reflexology and massage: “As Michael’s carer, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as someone for me to talk to at Rowcroft. It’s not just for the patient, it’s also for the family and the carers and that to me is priceless. I could just lay on a couch and have a cry, or have a chat when I wanted to havea chat, or stay quiet when I wanted to stay quiet. I also had the help of a Rowcroft social worker, Mandy, who is amazing, out of this world. Rowcroft really is something else.”

A massive thank you to all our volunteers

Our fabulous volunteers are a vital part of everything we do. In 2018-19, our awesome volunteers gave 60,000 hours of their time.

Our volunteers donate their time in so many different, amazing ways – from volunteering in our shops, to offering support to patients in our hospice and in patients’ homes, to helping out at events. Thank you to all our incredible volunteers – we could not do our work without you. You are truly wonderful!

“Volunteering for Rowcroft means giving something back to this incredible organisation. I would like Rowcroft to be here for my generation and for generations to come. It’s where your family can be taken care of and die with the dignity they deserve. I love Rowcroft, and in many ways for me, having come from Africa and left my family, Rowcroft has replaced that.”
Heather, Volunteer, Rowcroft Hospice shop, Totnes.

Our wonderful community

We are humbled by the wonderful generosity of our South Devon community. Last year, support from our local community funded the overwhelming majority of Rowcroft’s work.

These donations came in so many different ways, from making regular donations, supporting our shops, leaving legacies, playing the lottery, and taking part in fundraising events, such as The Male Trail, The Sleep Walk, Dancing Stars, and so much more.

Thank you for all your support to help us provide care and support to almost 2,500 local patients.

To provide our specialist care, we rely upon income from a range of sources, including voluntary donations and gifts in Wills. In 2018–19, the majority of Rowcroft’s care was funded in this way, with an NHS grant funding the remainder.

We are grateful for the significant support we received from our local partners – the NHS South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group and the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. Income from legacies funds the care of many of our patients.

Income and expenditure 2018–19

Our income and expenditure of 2018-19 includes:

Legacies: 49%
NHS funding: 17%
Fundraising and shops: 33%
Investments: 1%

For every £1 raised from donations, legacies and the lottery, 89p was used to fund patient care. The remaining 11p was used to raise more income.

Total cost of running Rowcroft’s Inpatient Unit in Torquay: £2.7m
Total cost of running our Community Services: £1.2m
Total cost of running Rowcroft’s Hospice at Home Service:  £760,000

Meeting the future needs of our community

South Devon, along with the rest of the UK, is experiencing an increasingly ageing population. This in turn is fuelling a rising demand for high quality palliative and end-of-life care.

Rowcroft’s five-year strategic plan 2018–23 aims to extend the reach of our care across the community, to meet the increase in care that is forecast. We currently support around one in three people with a life-limiting illness in South Devon. Our aim is to support one in two people by 2023, and two in three by 2030.

A major focus is our three-year expansion plan for our Hospice at Home service. We are aiming to care for an additional 290 patients at home during their last few weeks of life, taking the total to 729 Hospice at Home patients per year.

As well as increasing reach, we will maintain our excellent standards of care. Core strategies centre on: creating the best possible environment for patients, employees and volunteers; building talented teams and empowering staff and volunteers to be the best that they can be; recruiting more volunteers to deliver our vision; embracing new technology and delivering new enterprises; and building strong partnerships with health and social care colleagues.

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