Jail or Bail for Rowcroft - Torbay's finest arrested

Jailbirds will stand trial in front of a judge, charged with unbelievable (and entirely fictitious misdemeanors), such as “impersonating an ELF”! “crimes against Lycra” and “Actual Bodily Charm”!

This year wrongdoers will be held under house arrest where they will have the opportunity to convince friends, family and colleagues to pay their bail. There will be a huge amount of PR around the event, and our digital media team will be busy updating all our social media accounts keeping us updated on our convicts antics.

All of the funds raised by our jail breakers will help Rowcroft Hospice support local people living with life-limiting illnesses to share precious time with family and friends. What a fabulous bunch of fugitives we have lined up!

Follow the links below to help them to escape house arrest by the 30th of September

Stephen Reynolds

Crime: Impersonating an Elf and multiple cases of hogging the microphone

Rowcroft Hospice Jail Bail 2020 Steve Reynolds

Chair at Torbay Business Forum. Bringing businesses together to make South Devon a brighter place to live, work and play. The Torbay Business Forum (TBF) is a voluntary organisation set up to help bring together businesses – professionally and socially.

Steve is an avid supporter of Rowcroft Hospice.

Donate to Steve here:

Jim Parker

Crime: Stealing the Town Jewels and selling them off for the poor. Only in Torbay

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Jim Parker

A journalist for 46 years, 40 with the Herald Express and now Editor of the new Torbay Weekly. Business Development Manager with Wollens solicitors and a media/business consultant.
Member of various business/community/sports bodies including chairman of Torbay Together, Torbay Business Forum Executive, Destination Management Group, trustee of Torbay Community Development Trust, chairman of Sport Torbay and director of Devon Cricket Board.

Donate to Jim here:

Natalie Cash

Crime: Domestos abuse

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Natalie Cash

Natalie Operations Manager at Finish Electrical, wanted to support a local charity and the decision was easy, it had to be Rowcroft. They provide such amazing support to adults living with life limiting illnesses. Having seen first-hand the care given to my Dad I am so pleased to be able to help them to continue supporting others who need it. When faced with the most difficult times in your life the amazing staff are there for you all, not just the patient who is in their care. We were so very lucky to have the services of Rowcroft.

Donate to Natalie here:

Andrew Price

Crime: Telling ‘Whoppers’

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Andrew Price

A local accountant, running Andrew Price & Co Chartered Accountants in Torquay, with a passion for fishing, but who has problems with admitting he can’t catch big fish, getting by, by telling whopper’s! …..the crime he’s been jailed for! With a special place in his heart for Rowcroft along with many other people in south Devon, who’ve been supported by the Rowcroft team when they need it most.

Donate to Andrew here:

Amy Bennett

Crime: Impersonating the village idiot

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Amy Bennettt

Amy is Head of Litigation & Enforcement at Lackfords Debt Recovery. She is keen to see more women working in the enforcement industry and is passionate about ethical debt collection. Amy is also Club Secretary at Torquay Athletic RFU and is looking forward to the rugby season starting, albeit it a bit late! In her spare time, Amy enjoys days out with her family and pet dog.

Donate to Amy here:

John Renton

Crime: Assault and vinegar following a fish being battered at a Torbay chip shop

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail John Renton

John is Brand Manager for the Big Ant Group and Naked Ant Design he loves supporting Rowcroft, as like many, many other people in Torbay he knows people who have been helped by the amazing work Rowcroft does.

Innocent until proven guilty, he will fight to clear his name and raise £1000 for Rowcroft

Donate to John here:

Sue Halfyard

Crime: Being accused of spending too much time at the gym.

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Sue Halfyard

Sue Halfyard is an Associate and Chartered Legal Executive with Tozers Solicitors and assists local people with the preparation of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and the administration of estates. It is through this work that Sue became involved in the Rowcroft Make a Will Week scheme helping the Charity to raise vital funds.

This year I am taking part in Rowcroft’s Jail or Bail event’. Help me get bail by raising £1000 for this great cause, please donate.

Donate to Sue here:

Simon Crawshay

Crime: Inappropriate use of hand sanitiser on people’s chairs before they sit down!

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Simon Crawshay

Simon Crawshay is a Director of Torbay Clearance Services, and has been there for twenty years. TCS are proud of their multiple charitable commitments, and have previously won the South Devon Business Awards for Social and Environmental Responsibility. Simon describes the Team at TCS as ‘everything’, so is hoping they will pull out the stops to help get him out, rather than leave him inside! He describes this experience for Rowcroft as ‘competitive!’

Donate to Simon here:

Robert Haylor

Crime: Crimes against Lycra

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Robert Taylor

Robert helps not for profits, retailers & small businesses achieve online growth by designing and building tailored websites an much more.

I hope my honesty of crimes against wearing lycra, will help raise funds for this immensely generous and caring charity.

Donate to Robert here:

Tom Bragagnolo

Crime: Actual Bodily Charm

Rowcroft Hospice Jail or Bail Tom Bragagnolo

My bail money will be going directly to support the patients and families in their care across South Devon.

The truth is none of us know if we will ever need Rowcroft’s services, a donation of just £5 can help make sure that Rowcroft will continue to be there for us and our families in the future.

Donate to Tom here:

Adam Cliff

Crime: The Big Biscuit Heist

Adam is the Operations Manager at Bay Deliveries, whilst also being involved with many local sports clubs – from Skiing, running to surf live saving – within Torbay. Within his time in these settings he has met so many people, but has sadly lost a few too.

Your money is needed more than ever. Please donate so Rowcroft can carry on supporting families and loved ones in their hour of need.

Donate to Adam here:

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