Your donations

By donating today, you can help patients and families make precious memories tomorrow. Your good quality unwanted clothes, furniture, books, bric-a-brac, toys, CDs and DVDs, white goods and electricals all help us to provide hospice care to those who need it. Last year our distribution centre handled over 650 tonnes of donated stock!

Rowcroft Clothing

Where you can donate

We are planning a phased return to normal trading, so please bear with us. As of Monday 15 June 2020, we’ll welcome your donations at:

  • Donation Drop off point on Teignmouth Road, Torquay currently closed due to the overwhelming number of donations

We are currently not collecting furniture or white goods, but these can still be donated at the drop-off point at Teignmouth Road, Torquay.

The dos and dont’s of donating goods to Rowcroft

  • Please only include high quality items in good condition. We really do value all donations. However, the income we usually generate through working with our recycling merchants for items that are not saleable in our shops, is much less certain during these unprecedented times. Therefore, we kindly request that people take lower quality items to recycling points, rather than to our shops, as it may become a cost to the hospice to send these items to landfill and this will reduce our funds for patient care.
  • Please ensure that all items are put in bags, and that all bags are securely sealed.
  • Please separate items into different bags according to category – ie clothing in one bag, bric-a-brac in another.
  • Please do not leave bags outside of shops (this is considered fly-tipping). Any donations left outside may be damaged by the weather, thus rendering items unsaleable and incurring costs to us for disposal.
  • Please use your local recycling points to dispose of items that are of low quality or in poor condition.
  • Unfortunately, there are a number of items we are unable to sell. Please check our guide to recycling and donating to find out more.
  • And please don’t forget that by registering as a Gift Aid donor, you can increase the value of what you donate by 25%, at no extra cost to yourself or the hospice. Ask about Gift Aid next time you’re in store shopping or handing in your donations.

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