Organ/Corneal and Tissue Donation

The law has changed in England to allow more people who are in need of a transplant to receive donations.

It is important to consider what you would like so your family are aware and the donation can be facilitated if this is your wish. Even though it is now an opt out system in England, the choice remains yours. Gifting your organs or tissue to a donor after you die can improve the lives of many people suffering illness or injury.

To donate organs after death, a person needs to die in hospital in specific circumstances. Specialist healthcare professionals decide in each individual case whether a person’s organs and tissue are suitable for donation.

Most people are unaware that if you die at home or in a hospice, you can still donate your corneas and possibly give two people the gift of sight. Tissue donation is also a choice allowing the repair and rebuilding of the bodies and lives of severely injured people. For this to happen it is important that you let your family and health care provider know that it is your wish to donate after your death.

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