Get to know Jaco Ferreira… one of Rowcroft’s night Nurse’s

Tell us a bit about what it is like caring for patients during the night on the Inpatient Unit.

“Our patients are vulnerable day and night.  We have all been awake at night worrying about something. For our patients, symptoms such as pain and sickness, being away from their loved ones and in a strange place can make the worrying much worse. It is important that we provide safe and compassionate patient care at a time when symptoms can be more prominent.”

What are some of the challenges you work together as a team to overcome?

“We support each other and communicate effectively when symptom control has to be made.  In consultation with the on-call Doctor, or Consultant we can make informed and safe decisions regarding complex symptom management.  The Hospice at Home Sister and nursing team upstairs within the Rowcroft building, may be available and assist or support the IPU team when needed. Patients can die peacefully in the early hours. At night loved ones and friends may require lot of support and reassurance.  The night team work together to manage this extremely emotional period effectively with the highest level of care and compassion.”

What makes you feel passionately about caring for patients at such a vulnerable time?

“Although working with a little torch can be very challenging at night, I really enjoy working with my night colleagues and the Hospice at Home team who are on call. I absolutely love my role as a palliative care staff nurse at Rowcroft Hospice. During the night we communicate and work very well together as a team.  It is a privilege to work with such dedicated, hardworking and very experienced unique individuals.”

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