Patient Promise

Our patient promise and principles of care

  1. To provide care based on need, regardless of cancer diagnosis or circumstances*
  2. To empower patients to plan ahead, share their choices and achieve their wishes
  3. To provide excellent personalised care at home, in care homes, community hospitals and hospice beds
  4. To reach more people and reduce inequality and variations in access to care
  5. To maintain our independence in order to deliver the best possible professional care
  6. To work with all care providers as one holistic integrated system
  7. To provide advice and support services for patients and families that empower them as users of health and social care
  8. To be the best we can possibly be
  9. To ensure all our core services are free at the point of access to our patients

*Rowcroft is registered to care for adults only. Care for babies, children and young people is a significant and distinct type of hospice care.

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