Rowcroft’s doctors and nurses are under pressure on the frontline

Over recent months, Rowcroft’s nurses and care teams have faced soaring demands for our end-of-life care services. And with winter approaching, we are bracing for an even greater demand for our care.

Rowcroft’s income is being hit hard by the pandemic – with fundraising events cancelled and with our charity shops now closed in this second national lockdown. We need your support during this critical time to help provide vital care and support for local patients and families who are facing the darkest of days.

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Please help us care for patients in South Devon

Through this national lockdown, our devoted clinical teams are working tirelessly around the clock to provide end-of-life care to patients through their hours of greatest need.

But with increasing numbers of patients needing care at home, our services are stretched to the limit. Our Hospice at Home Team has been flooded by rising demand, and referrals to our Community Team are also steadily increasing to extremely high levels. While we’re struggling to cope with the severe pressures of this COVID crisis, please would you consider making a donation – no matter how big or small?

With your help, we can be there for our local patients and families who need us. We can provide expert care, comfort and compassion to help families make every day the best day possible, to make the most of precious last moments together.

Your support makes all the difference.

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A message from our nurses

COVID has brought some unbelievable challenges for the patients and families who we look after. We’ve been doing whatever we can to try and support them.”

Vicky Bartlett, Deputy Director of Patient Care, Rowcroft Hospice

Watch Vicky’s video.

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“The nurses were angels”

For many patients, being able to live out their final days in their most precious place of home, surrounded by the people, pets and things they love, can make such a difference in being able to die well. Rowcroft cares for 80% of our patients in their own homes as per their wishes.

In his final days before he died, Tina’s husband Allan was cared for by Rowcroft at home: “It was a huge comfort to know the Hospice at Home team were there for us,” says Tina. “The nurses were angels; they brought such a sense of peace. They do this 24/7; they are second to none.”

Over recent months, Rowcroft’s Hospice at Home service has faced escalating pressures, including rapidly rising numbers of patients. On occasions, this increase in demand has overwhelmed our services – so much so that there have been heart-breaking times when we’ve had to turn patients and families away. We know how difficult life can be at the end, and we know how devastating it is to have no-one to turn to.

Now, more than ever, we need your help. Please will you help us to care for more patients and families who need us? Your donation will make such a difference to families facing the darkest of days.

“I know how different it could have been without Rowcroft” – Family member of Rowcroft patient

Please will you make a regular donation?

Making a regular donation is the very best way to support us, as it offers us a guaranteed income through these challenging times of financial unpredictability.

You will be helping local people who need us, ensuring families receive the support and care they need through these difficult days and beyond. Your regular donation allows us to plan ahead and to provide long-term care for our patients and families.

£5 a month* will fund two music therapy sessions for patients and their families, to help ease anxiety, stress and tension.

£10 a month* will keep our Hospice at Home nurses on the road for three days, supporting patients at home across South Devon.

£15 a month* will fund six bereavement sessions for a local family, providing vital support during this difficult time.

* Costing based on 12 monthly payments over one year.

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Ensuring the highest level of care and support for everyone

We are so inspired by the dedication and commitment of our specialist nursing teams, who continue to provide expert care to patients 24/7.

In this video, Karenne Weaver, Rowcroft’s Hospice at Home Manager describes what it’s like to be on the frontline during this COVID crisis.

Making each and every day the best it can be

In this heart-warming video, Rowcroft’s Medical Director Dr George Walker describes how the COVID pandemic has brought huge challenges for us as a nation, as individuals and as a community.

Rowcroft’s care has become more important than ever, as patients struggle not only with their illnesses, but also with all the additional challenges of COVID such as loneliness, anxiety and isolation.

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