A story of “life-changing” support

Jacqui reflects on Rowcroft’s care to her and her husband Ed

One of Rowcroft Hospice’s key aims is to provide care that is tailored to each unique person – not just for the patient but for loved ones too. Here Jacqui Lyttle explains how Rowcroft was there for both her and her husband Ed as they experienced the hardest of days at the end of Ed’s life. Following Ed’s passing, and in her journey through grief, Jacqui shares that with Rowcroft’s ongoing support, she feels embraced, understood and not entirely alone.

A difficult journey

“My husband passed away in December 2022 after around 11 years of being unwell,” Jacqui shared. “He began his medical journey with kidney cancer. However, as time went on, he was diagnosed with other complex conditions, including pulmonary fibrosis. After over a decade of being unwell, he was placed on the palliative care route, and it was then that we were introduced to the Community Team at Rowcroft Hospice.”

Jacqui and Ed on wedding day

“Angels on earth”

“The Community Team attended to every aspect of our care. The small things, like helping us manage practicalities for Ed’s comfort, made such a big difference. The team even helped us to arrange for Ed’s equipment to be delivered to a hotel in Cornwall so we could get away for a few days.

“Ed called the Community Team ‘angels on earth’. They helped minimise Ed’s pain and discomfort and ensured he retained as good quality of life as possible.”

Complementary therapy

“While they cared for Ed’s medical needs and pain relief at home, Rowcroft also offered us both tremendous support through complementary therapy. Initially, Ed was hesitant to try reflexology, but after giving it a chance, he felt an instant connection and relaxation. I know he felt that he was able to open up to his complementary therapist, and this helped to ease his anxiety.”

Embraced by the Rowcroft family

“We were embraced as a couple by the Rowcroft family. I received support from the community and complementary therapy teams, which helped me to cope. From the moment we were referred to Rowcroft, I’ve never felt alone. I had daily contact with the Community Team, and they continue to support me now. There’s no time limit on grief, and Rowcroft understands that.”

Spaces in Nature

“I am now part of an incredible bereavement group called Spaces in Nature. It’s a brilliant support network where we can share our grief and experiences with others who can understand. There’s no judgement; it’s okay to express that you’re feeling naff or angry. We’ve done some amazing activities, like mindfulness and pottery, which have been healing and helpful. Afterwards, we put the world to rights over a cup of tea and a biscuit. I’ve made some incredible friends in the group.”

Life-changing support

“From our first interaction with Rowcroft to the ongoing support I continue to receive, everything has been incredible. I feel very passionate about sharing our story, as I think many people aren’t aware of the work Rowcroft does, and it has been life-changing for us.”

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