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What happens if we’re late for our slot with our child/children? +

We encourage everyone to be on time for their slot. However, if you are late, we may still be able to accommodate you as our timings do allow for some flexibility. We may suggest that you visit the café to have a hot drink and come back at an agreed time.

Do I have to stay with my child? +

Yes you must stay with your child/ren while visiting Santa. Children are unable to visit Santa without a parent or guardian.

Can my child who is not booked in to see Santa also visit Santa with their sibling? +

Yes, of course. The additional cost for the extra child will be £16. We can take cash or card.

My child is a bit nervous/scared, how will you reassure them? +

That’s absolutely fine, your child will be invited in with you to see Santa. We can be flexible in the moment to accommodate your child’s needs. If your child is nervous, we can make the visit brief with Santa and if your child prefers, Santa can give the gift to you. Or an elf (rather than Santa) can hand it over to your child.

Can all my children go in together? +

Yes, of course. The time you spend with Santa will be merged to allow for all children to chat with Santa.

Can we take pictures of Santa and our child/children? +

Yes, of course you are welcome to take photographs during the visit. We also provide the opportunity to have a professional photograph taken by our photographer. These photographs can be purchased at an additional cost to the ticket price and will sent to you in the post in time for Christmas.

What is the gift? +

Each child receives the same Christmas cuddly toy.

Can Santa chastise/tell off my child? +

No. Santa will discuss the positive question you answered when you booked in. We want this to be a positive experience for all children.

Does my baby need to pay to see Santa? +

If you would like your baby to receive a present from Santa or if they are the only child entering the Grotto with accompanying adults, you will be expected to pay £16. If your baby is going in with other children and you do not want to receive a gift for your baby, you will not be expected to pay £16.

Do I need to buy a ticket to accompany my child to see Santa? +


What is the maximum amount of children to visit Santa at once? +

We are asking that no more than six children in total visit Santa at any one time.

We would like to make a group booking as part of our childcare setting, can we do that? +

Yes we will do what we can to accommodate this and we may be able to do this within the week too.  Please email to arrange this.

If I miss my time slot can I still see Santa? +

We understand that some delays are unavoidable. Please notify us as soon as possible on 01803 210821 and we will try to accommodate you in another time slot.

Can I have a refund if I cannot attend? +

If seven days’ notice is given, we can refund the full amount. Please contact Rowcroft to receive a refund via this email address:

Will Mrs Claus be present at the Grotto? +

Although Mrs Claus is extremely busy in Santa’s workshop at the moment, she is hoping to attend some of the sessions – so if you’re lucky you may get to see her!

Will the children receive a letter from Santa? +

No the children will receive a present from Santa, but not a letter.

Can my dog/pet come to see Santa? +

No. Unfortunately, no pets are able to visit Santa.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact us on or call 01803 210821.

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