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Each year across South Devon, Rowcroft’s Hospice at Home team cares for around 440 patients in their last two weeks of life providing specialist nursing care at home and 24/7 support free of charge. But the pandemic, coupled with the needs of an increasingly ageing population, is placing extreme demands on the Hospice at Home service – we’re simply inundated with requests, and we’re sadly unable to help everyone who needs us.

“It’s heartbreaking that we don’t have enough nurses and healthcare assistants to cope with such overwhelming demand,” says Hospice at Home Manager Karenne Weaver. It’s now vital that we recruit more nurses and healthcare assistants to support more local families who need us.

You can make a difference by donating today

How you can help

As a charity, we can’t provide our expert care without the amazing support of our wonderful community. Through your kind donation – big or small – you can help more local patients to be cared for at home at the end of their lives.

£10 could pay for PPE so that our team can see ten patients in their own homes.

£32 could pay for a vital hour of care, keeping a patient comfortable and enabling families to make the most of precious time with loved ones.

£20 per month (£240 per year) could pay for overnight care for a patient, giving family members the chance to get a good night’s sleep.

The best way to support us is by making a regular, monthly donation – as this offers us a reliable income through these challenging times. Your regular donation enables us to plan ahead and to provide long-term care for our patients and families.

How your support makes a difference

Last year, when Martin Drein was alone in hospital with just days to live, his family was unable to visit him due to COVID restrictions.

But with the help of Rowcroft’s Hospice at Home Team, Martin was able to transfer back to his home in Paignton, to be cared for in his final days with his loved ones by his side. It was the expert care provided by the Hospice at Home team and the loving comfort of having the family around that made the world of difference in helping Martin to pass away peacefully. And his loved ones were left with treasured memories to cherish.

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About the Hospice at Home Appeal

81% of people would prefer to die at home, but in South Devon only 24% of people achieve this.

Our Hospice at Home Appeal aims to raise vital funds to care for more local people at the end of their lives, and to help more patients to achieve their wish of being in the loving comfort of home when they die. Click here to read more about the Hospice at Home Appeal.

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Corporate partners

Are you a local business looking to make an outstanding difference to your community? We’re looking for local businesses to support us to expand the Hospice at Home service to care for more families in desperate need across South Devon.

If you’re able to pledge £250, we’d love you to join our Hospice at Home Corporate Supporters’ Club. As a club member, your generosity will enable our Hospice at Home Team to help more families to share precious last moments together, and will support more patients to fulfil their wish of being at home when they die.

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Grand Gestures Club

Would you like to make an outstanding difference to your community by helping us to expand the Hospice at Home service to care for more families in desperate need across South Devon? Your support will help families for generations to come, creating a lasting legacy of love, compassion and care.

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Thank you to our Hospice at Home Appeal sponsors – Interline.

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