Last year, when Martin Drein was alone in hospital with just days to live, his family was unable to visit him due to COVID restrictions. But with the help of Rowcroft’s Hospice at Home Team, Martin was able to transfer back to his home in Paignton, to be cared for in his final days with his loved ones by his side. It was the expert care provided by the Hospice at Home team and the loving comfort of having the family around that made the world of difference in helping Martin to pass away peacefully. And his loved ones were left with treasured memories to cherish.

“What it meant to be able to see him and talk to him in the final days is hard to put into words,” says Martin’s son Joe. “It meant we could say goodbye on our terms and in our way and it allowed him to be in a place where he was able to relax and be himself rather than spending his final days in hospital. It gave us those final few days to get to hear his laugh again, see his smile again and enjoy his company again. We were able to have our family as a whole again for one last time.

“The team were incredibly caring. My dad felt at ease with the Rowcroft team so there was no awkwardness or uncertainty, which meant he was comfortable and relaxed. This meant the world to us. Because he was relaxed, he could be his usual, larger-than-life self. We will be forever in Rowcroft’s debt for giving us such an amazing service and enabling us to spend those final moments with my dad.”

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