Countless reasons to volunteer in Rowcroft’s shops!

Elaine’s story from Rowcroft’s Wellswood Boutique

Meeting new friends, developing new skills and confidence, keeping fit and active, giving something back. Just a few of the reasons why our fabulous retail volunteers like Elaine generously devote their time and energy to the hospice, day after day. Why they spend their hours sorting stock, preparing items for sale, pricing goods, arranging displays and serving customers. As Elaine found out twelve years ago when she joined Rowcroft’s Wellswood Boutique, volunteering in one of Rowcroft’s shops or cafes is a brilliant thing to do if you have a little spare time on your hands. Twelve years on and Elaine’s still in store and still loving her volunteer role! We’re hugely proud of this amazing lady and all our other volunteers, who through their sheer hard work and commitment are supporting the hospice in caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses across South Devon. We’re delighted to introduce you to Elaine in this lovely blog. Elaine is pictured left in the photo, with Tracy, Rowcroft’s Wellswood Boutique manager.

Helping a local charity

“I have volunteered for Rowcroft for 12 years now in their boutique shop in Wellswood. I joined the team shortly after the shop opened. I wanted to help a local charity that was supporting local people and I researched Rowcroft Hospice to discover the amazing work they do in the community.”

A new challenge through volunteering

“At the time, I was experiencing empty nest syndrome at home as my children left home for university, and I wanted to challenge myself to try something different, to use skills from my previous employment and maybe discover some hidden talents with the spare time I had.”

Elaine’s volunteering role

“My role in the shop is to support the manager with various duties like preparing the stock for sale and helping to display it, chatting to the customers and serving them at the till. I’ve learned how to accept donations from bereaved families – this has proved quite a challenge, but I now feel much more confident and comfortable.”

The benefits of volunteering

“I’ve benefitted from volunteering by learning new skills , attending Rowcroft’s excellent induction programme and feeling as though I am doing something worthwhile. If you have some spare time to help your local community, then I’d recommend Rowcroft as a great place to volunteer.”

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering with Rowcroft, then please see our volunteers page here.

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