Ella’s Vintage sustainable fashion steals the show

Ella’s Vintage, Rowcroft Hospice’s digital emporium hosted on Etsy, Vinted, and eBay, is emerging as a star in the world of sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion in the limelight

Raising vital funds for the hospice, this unique online shop offers a meticulously curated collection of vintage clothing and accessories, spanning from the 1920s to the early 2000s including rare, exclusive, and premium pieces that are sought after by the costume departments of Warner Bros Studios, the BBC, Pinewood Studios and others.

“Our items are generously donated by our incredible local community to raise funds to care for local patients with life-limiting illnesses,” said Nichola Thomas, Rowcroft’s Online Sales Specialist. “From the donations, we handpick and curate a unique inventory that spans the decades, focusing primarily on higher-end, rare pieces that are not readily available.”

Featuring in ‘The Crown’ and ‘Star Wars’ …

Ella’s Vintage has become a go-to source for TV, film, and theatre costume departments seeking unique vintage pieces. Items have been sold and featured in a multitude of shows including Diana’s striped cardigan in ‘The Crown’, a men’s suit in ‘Star Wars’, 1960s overcoats in ‘Sherlock’, a leather handbag in ‘Antman and the Wasp’, a 1960s men’s checked sports blazer in ‘Funny Girl 2’, and a 1970s leather satchel bag in the movie ‘Venom 3’. Pieces have also starred in ‘Tina the Musical’, ‘Sunset Boulevard’, ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘This Town’ (made by the creators of ‘Peaky Blinders’), ‘Dalgliesh’ and many more. Ella’s Vintage clients include the costume departments of Aldwych Theatre, The Savoy Theatre, BBC, Channel 5, Warner Bros Studios, Elstree Studios, Lyric Theatre, Pinewood Studios, Netflix and Tiger Aspect TV, among others.

“We have earned the trust of the entertainment industry by offering one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that elevate the authenticity of their productions,” explained Nichola. “Our online offering is a valuable resource for costumers looking to infuse genuine vintage charm into their wardrobes and for that unique, timeless touch.”

As well as an eclectic collection that has graced the silver screen, other stand out pieces for sale in Ella’s Vintage have included an original late 60s BIBA hooded cape, a stunning 1970s chiffon Jean Varon cocktail dress, an Oscar De La Renta couture patent leather biker jacket, a Jean Paul Gaultier 90s mesh skirt and top, a full-length faux fur Harrods leopard print coat, a beautiful 1960s tweed Dior coat, as well as original Laura Ashley collectors’ pieces including an early petticoat dress and a wonderful rare corduroy coat, and much, much more.

“We also sell more affordable lower-end brands and pieces if the look is right and relevant to what customers want and reflects current buying trends,” said Nichola. “We list both valuable and competitively priced items, so there is something for everyone. We always check prices in comparison with other sellers and try to be the most competitive. We are also open to offers!”

Unearthing the past through quirky discoveries

Ella’s Vintage has some quirky stories to share. The items sold sometimes come with hidden treasures such as old tickets, payslips, name tags, notes, and photos. The team once found a handbag with tickets inside to the Wimbledon final in 1969, and a teapot with a note signed by James Causton in 1891 stating:

‘This being the anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, I hereby certify that this teapot was carried by my grandfather’s wife, who followed her husband (John Causton) through the peninsular campaign, ending with the battle of Waterloo, June 15th, 1815.’

“We are extremely fortunate that we have amazing supporters who entrust us with their extremely rare, exclusive vintage pieces, so that we can raise as much as possible to care for our patients,” said Nichola. “We ship around the world and we have customers in every corner of the globe. There’s not a week that goes by that we’re not sending some classic British vintage to its new overseas home! By listing our items online, we have increased the community of Rowcroft supporters far and wide. This gives our local donors the knowledge that we will get the very best from their donation. It is also exciting to know that an item they donate may even end up on their favourite TV show or film!”

Every purchase supports Rowcroft and promotes sustainability

“Ella’s Vintage offers a delightful blend of timeless elegance, sustainability, and a commitment to a good cause,” added Nichola. “Whatever  your style you can find unique clothing and accessories to complete your look. As well as vintage fashion and accessories, we have a collection on eBay that includes a treasure trove of all things quirky including collectibles, artwork, mid-century items, media, stamps, postcards, electronics, curiosities, nostalgic items, retro finds, and more. All of which make perfect gifts for loved ones.

“All the proceeds of our sales go directly to Rowcroft Hospice so not only are you helping to raise vital funds to care for local patients, but you’re also saving the planet by shopping sustainably and looking amazing whilst doing so. Definitely a case of #buyvintagesavetheworld !”

If you have any vintage clothing or quirky treasures please do consider donating to the Ella’s Vintage Online Team by calling 01803 217369 or by visiting rowcrofthospice.org.uk/shoponline

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