Meet Rowcroft’s trustee Helen Boyd

Helen’s volunteer role on Rowcroft’s Board 

Volunteering for Rowcroft takes many forms, but for Helen Boyd, joining the Board of Trustees two years ago was the way she felt she could contribute most constructively to the life and future of the hospice. Here Helen sheds some light on her background, current role as COO of Reclaim Fund, what her role as a Trustee for Rowcroft entails, and her busy life on her farm near Dartmouth keeping chickens and a herd of goats!

Helen’s day job at Reclaim Fund

“I combine being a Trustee of Rowcroft with my day job as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Communication and Engagement at Reclaim Fund, which is a not-for-profit, arms-length government body,” says Helen. “Banks and building societies transfer the value of lost and forgotten (or ‘dormant’) bank accounts to us. We hold some of this money to guarantee that people can reclaim their money in the future. We transfer the rest to social and environmental initiatives across the UK through the National Lottery Community Fund. So far, we’ve distributed nearly £900m in dormant money to around 2,500 charities and social enterprises, and we are now expanding to new types of financial assets, such as old insurance and pensions policies.”

Helen’s experience as a Trustee

“I was Trustee and Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Stroke Association for seven years before joining Rowcroft. I joined Stroke because I wanted to work with a charity that supported people at the most vulnerable time in their lives. This same commitment prompted me to apply to Rowcroft when I reached the end of my term at Stroke. Crucially, I wanted to work with a charity that was rooted in my local area. I live with my husband, dog Pepper, 6 chickens and 37 goats on a farm near Dartmouth, where we are currently setting up a goats cheese dairy.”

Innovation at its best

“Rowcroft is distinctive not only in providing excellent care, but also in its pursuit of new and innovative ways to support patients and those closest to them, to develop sustainable income streams, and to play its role in the communities of South Devon. Devon Farm Kitchen, and the new development plans for the hospice site are great examples of this.”

Rowcroft’s Finance and Investment Committee

“When I became a Trustee at Rowcroft, I also became Chair of the Finance and Investment Committee. This committee makes sure that every penny that people raise for Rowcroft, whether by donating, fundraising, buying a coffee in one of our cafes or donating clothes to our shops, is put to the best use possible, and that the hospice can deliver services long into the future.”

Facing the challenges ahead

“Rowcroft is a unique charity and I’m so proud to play my role, however small. The next few years will bring challenges, with a cost of living crisis, ambitious development plans and increasing pressures on healthcare services. But I know that with a strong and committed Board, a great team, the loyal and brilliant volunteers who are so crucial to the life of the hospice, and the affection and support of the community of which we are all a part, Rowcroft will continue to make every day the best day possible for patients and those closest to them.”


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