From caring for Grandad … to caring for a community

Joe’s journey into end-of-life care

Student Joe Priestley knows what it feels like to care for someone at the end of their life. When he was caring for his grandad in 2021, he felt he had very little support and was left to cope alone. It was Joe’s experiences of those dark and difficult days that sparked his determination to become a palliative care nurse, so that he could help other patients and those closest to them during this tough time of their lives. Joe is now one of Rowcroft’s fabulous student nurses on our nursing sponsorship programme at the University of Plymouth, and he also works as a part-time healthcare assistant at the hospice. We’re delighted to introduce you to him here.

A passion for caring

“I have a passion for palliative and end-of-life care and have felt like this from the beginning of my training,” says Joe. “Having had such little support in caring for my grandad at the end of his life, I aim to bring end-of-life care and support to other families and make this time as comfortable and as smooth as possible for them.”

A privilege to care

“I appreciate that patients allow us to be part of their life at such an important and difficult time and they trust us, as a team, to provide symptom management and emotional support. I’m drawn to this area because of the rapport that we can build with patients and families and the difference we can make at such a tough time.”

Enhancing skills and knowledge

“The hospice allows me to enhance my growing knowledge with the support of the highly experienced and skilled staff within the Inpatient Unit and I have gained further experience in palliative care within a hospital setting. I feel so grateful for the supportive working environment and the high level of care that all patients receive here. For me, clear and open communication in palliative and end-of-life care is pivotal.”

Holistic care

“The most important thing I’ve learnt during my training is the importance of holistic care – to ensure that patients’ needs are met in all areas. At Rowcroft, the nurses, spiritualist care specialist, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, complementary therapists and all the other members of the multidisciplinary team work together to deliver expert holistic care for our patients as well as providing ongoing support to loved ones.”

Student nursing sponsorship

“I feel honoured to have gained a sponsorship from Rowcroft Hospice to finish my degree and join them once I graduate as a nurse in 2024. This sponsorship is an amazing opportunity for me. Rowcroft is well-known across South Devon for the excellent care it provides for patients and the support it gives to loved ones.”

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