Compassion without burnout

Compassion is a vital ingredient for our care teams

Compassion is a vital ingredient in caring for our patients and families. It’s a quality that’s intrinsic to our care teams; something that they never-endingly radiate despite the pressures of their roles.

“Along with competence and commitment, compassion epitomises the values of nursing,” says Dr Gill Horne, Rowcroft’s Programme Director, Care Services. “It is defined as the sensitivity shown to understand another person’s suffering, combined with a willingness to help and promote the wellbeing of that person.

“Compassion is considered an extremely valuable tool in nursing because it supplies patients with emotional support, reduces misery, sadness and anxiety and helps patients to feel better about themselves.”

Support through training

“At Rowcroft we run a ‘Compassion without Burnout’ course aimed at Rowcroft staff, volunteers, and local health and social care professionals.

“This course recognises the stresses and strains of the medical world and the challenges brought about by the pandemic. It highlights how burnout can be avoided through several techniques that include investing in your own wellbeing through time immersed in nature, exercise, spending quality time with loved ones, getting a good night’s sleep, having the ability to love yourself, and seeking support.

“Self-compassion is a key theme, with the underlying premise that you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.”

Find out more about our ‘Compassion without burnout’ live online learning event here.

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