Seven Rowcroft Myths… Busted!

As part of Hospice Care Week we would like to share with you some of the common myths and preconceptions around Rowcroft Hospice.

1. You have to pay to receive Rowcroft’s care.

Our services are free and for everyone, regardless of their circumstance or diagnosis. Our outstanding care isn’t only for patients – we also support our patients’ loved ones with respite care, care planning and bereavement support.

2. Rowcroft is paid for by the NHS.

Rowcroft is an independent charity and relies heavily on donations from local people and businesses to provide our care. It costs us £8 million a year to offer our care. With just 29% of our funding coming from the NHS, 71% is earned through our fundraising, shops and cafes.

3. Rowcroft is only for people diagnosed with cancer.

Wrong! Rowcroft’s services are for everyone in South Devon who needs us – no matter what condition they’re diagnosed with. We care for people with ALL end-of-life illnesses, including but not limited to cancer, heart failure, respiratory disease, renal or hepatic failure, or a combination of conditions.

4. Rowcroft only operates in Torquay or Torbay.

Actually, Rowcroft works across 300 square miles of South Devon. We care for the people of Torbay, Teignbridge and the South Hams – from Dartmouth to Dawlish, and Brixham to Buckland-on-the-Moor.

5. Rowcroft is for only a handful of patients.

Definitely not! Last year we cared for over 2080 patients in many different ways. 75% of those patients were cared for in the community, either in their own homes, in our Outpatient Centre in Torquay or in care and residential homes across South Devon. Our care includes expert medical advice and co-ordination, hands-on nursing, physiotherapy, social support, massages, grief counselling, music therapy and more.

6. Rowcroft is for the last two weeks of life.

Our services are available to everyone with a life-limiting diagnosis, whether in the last two years or few days of life. Our speciality is in supporting people to live the best life they possibly can by making the most of the time they have. This could mean giving a grandparent physio so that they can hold their grandchild, to offering support in planning medical care, legal arrangements, individually tailored pain management, or respite care for the spouse of a patient. It can even mean mixing a cocktail to enjoy with lunch or hosting a family party in our gardens!

7. Rowcroft is depressing.

Rowcroft Hospice is many things but depressing definitely isn’t one of them. We’reempathetic, we’re matter-of-fact, we’re kind, we’re knowledgeable, we’re excellent at what we do – and we love a get together and a laugh! Our facilities are bright and homely, and our gardens are glorious. Our services and our staff are all about helping our patients and their loved ones to live life to the full.

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