Nurturing touch

Rowcroft’s wonderful complementary therapists care for our patients through a wide range of specialist services – from massage and aromatherapy through to reflexology and reiki. The team also provide therapies to patients’ loved ones, helping to soothe stress, ease tension and relax the mind and body.

Here, Tatyana Taylor reflects on how she received this nurturing care and support while her husband was in his final days in Rowcroft’s Inpatient Unit, and how the therapy sessions helped to ease her journey through the hardest time of her life.

“My husband was dying, it was such a difficult time,” says Tatyana. “I didn’t have family around, but I felt part of a family there [at Rowcroft]. I mattered. I knew I was not alone and that somebody really cared.

“I really enjoyed the head massage. It reminded me of my mother stroking my hair as a child and I remembered how soothing that felt. “The therapist really listened to me, and I could talk during the session, or I could be quiet. I could laugh or I could cry. I always felt calmer afterwards. I will never forget the kindness. The therapist massaged my feet or back, head and shoulders and I felt relaxed. It helped me to cope with how things were and to accept that things were changing.

“I was even able to see the therapist on the day that my husband died. I felt safe with her. My life goes on and I will always remember the caring and the kindness shown to me at Rowcroft.” Rowcroft is seeking qualified volunteer therapists who belong to a professional body and have their own insurance. For further information, email

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