Going beyond patient care at Rowcroft Hospice

At Rowcroft, we aim to help our patients make the most of every moment by providing support and specialist care for patients living with life-limiting illnesses, alongside support for their families.

After Michael was diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, both he and his sister Eithne (Michael’s carer) found comfort and support in the care that Rowcroft provides for patients and their families. With Rowcroft’s help, they found ways to make the best of the time they had, until Michael peacefully passed away at home earlier this year.

Michael was a talented musician, and Eithne was amazed to discover that Rowcroft could provide music therapy. She arranged for Rowcroft’s Music Therapist, David, to visit them at home. Eithne also found support and comfort from Rowcroft’s services, including reflexology and massage.

This video beautifully captures how we support patients’ families too, through Eithne’s story.

Watch Eithne’s story here:


For further details on our broad range of services, please visit our hospice services web page.

For more information on Rowcroft’s support for family members, please visit our caring for you as a relative or friend web page.


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