Meet Mark Choppin: Manager of Ella’s Mobile Café.

After spending many years working as a teacher and a school leader, Mark spent the last 7 years creating a number of food and retail businesses. In 2012, Mark and his wife set up The West Country Deli, initially as a mobile business at Farmers’ Markets and Food Festivals but then as a successful “bricks and mortar” café and deli in Brixham.

Can you explain what Ella’s Mobile Café is and how it will be used to help raise money for patient care?

“Ella” is a vintage 1973 Citroen H Van that has been lovingly restored and converted into a mobile café by the generous support of our local community. She will be busy attending a wide range of events and locations, engaging with the public and generating income that will go straight towards patient care. Ella’s Mobile Cafe will offer a variety of tasty treats and beverages, depending on the event.

Can you please explain your role in making Ella’s Mobile Café a success?

As the manager of Ella’s Mobile Café, my role is to assist in the conversion of the van into a functional mobile café, create menus and ensure that she has a full calendar of events and bookings. On a day to day basis my role is to operate the mobile café with the support of an enthusiastic team of volunteers.

What attracted you to work for Rowcroft in particular?

Rowcroft play such an amazing role in supporting our local community. Particularly for those experiencing some of the most difficult times imaginable, supporting a loved one through the end of life journey. It is a real privilege to know that our work here is supporting the care that is given to these patients and their families.

Are there any stand out achievements you would like to share with our staff and volunteers?

One of the achievements that I am most proud of is completing Trailwalker in 2011, a 100km/63 mile walk in under 30 hours with Oxfam and the Gurkhas.

Can you tell us a bit about what you like to do in your spare time?

I have a love for photography alongside other things such as kayaking and surfing (when time allows). But I also love walking my two crazy dogs!

How do you decide what colour to dye your beard, is the Rowcroft purple a coincidence?

My beard has been a few different colours over the last couple of years, mostly different shades of blue or purple. This has been completely coincidental to Rowcroft’s colours, but I am not sure that I could handle an orange beard!

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