“Jumping from the heart” in support of Rowcroft

Meet the courageous carers who are skydiving for a cause close to their hearts

A group of 14 daring colleagues from Devon’s at-home care agency, ‘Friends Helping at Home’, are gearing up for an exhilarating skydive on 1 June to raise funds for Rowcroft Hospice. This thrilling challenge serves as a heartfelt tribute to their clients and loved ones who have received care from Rowcroft. In this blog we hear from some of the members of the group as they explain why they’re taking on this once-in-a-lifetime challenge.

Claire, Graham and Emily pay tribute to loved ones

Claire and her mum“My Mam battled cancer for three and a half years,” said Claire (pictured left with her mum, and right with her dad). “During that time, I took on the role of her primary caregiver. Claire and her dadWhen she unexpectedly passed away, the Rowcroft team were there in person for my Dad, and the continued care and support they provided was wonderful. Only ten months after losing my Mam, my Dad sadly fell ill with a rapid-onset illness. During the last week of his life, Rowcroft’s Hospice at Home team stepped in to support him. The support we were provided with beyond his passing was amazing and filled with compassion and love. I honestly believe I couldn’t have made it through that week without their support; I will forever be grateful for all those who were there for us. I’m determined to face my fear of flying and heights to raise as much as I can to give back to this amazing hospice.”

Graham and his sister“Ten years ago, my sister Jane was diagnosed with bowel cancer,” Graham shared (pictured left as a child with Jane). “Jane was supported by Rowcroft for a few months, and Rowcroft were fantastic in everything they did. I can’t say enough about the outstanding way they handled everything.

“I feel incredibly privileged and humbled to have the opportunity to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane in support of such a worthy cause. This hospice holds a special place in my heart!”

Emily and her dad Shaun“Embarking on a skydive for Rowcroft Hospice is deeply personal for me, as it serves as a tribute to my dad, who lost his battle with cancer five years ago,” said Emily (pictured right as a young girl with her dad Shaun). “His peaceful passing at home, surrounded by love, ignited my passion for helping others to have similar meaningful experiences. Through my involvement with Friends Helping at Home, I’ve been privileged to support families in creating lasting memories together. Participating in this skydive is not only personal but also a way to contribute to the exceptional work of Rowcroft Hospice, helping them to continue providing vital support to families on their final journey together. When I think of my dad’s courage throughout his illness, I always say to myself, ‘If he could do that, I can do this.’ I use that as a reminder when I face challenges, and jumping out of a plane will be just that! If he could do that…I can do this!”

Bethany, Paige and Jaz step out of their comfort zones to support the hospice

“I’ve decided to take part in this skydiving adventure because I see it as a wonderful opportunity to step out of my comfort zone!” said Bethany. “I’m so happy to be part of this exciting fundraising event, raising both money and awareness to ensure Rowcroft can continue providing their kindness and support to so many people who greatly benefit from it.”

“I felt compelled to support the wonderful network of Rowcroft Hospice due to the outstanding support and relief they consistently offer local communities, making a monumental difference not only to their patients but also to their families,” said Paige.

“I lost a friend just before Christmas and Rowcroft Hospice’s support during such a difficult time highlights the incredible impact they have on individuals and their families,” said Jaz. “Their compassionate care and assistance undoubtedly played a crucial role in bringing comfort and solace to us all. It’s a testament to the amazing work of Rowcroft Hospice, providing invaluable support with empathy and kindness during such challenging moments.”

Zoe and Bek take on the free-falling challenge

“This is my first big fundraising challenge for Rowcroft, and I’m feeling both nervous and excited,” said Zoe. “I’m thrilled to be sponsoring the incredible staff who provide life-changing care for everyone involved.”

“I’m currently working on an end-of-life package for Friends Helping at Home,” Bek shared. “Witnessing clients decline is heartbreaking. I’m really nervous but excited too about the upcoming skydive.”

Claire and Georgia face their fears to raise funds for Rowcroft

“Rowcroft provides an incredibly special place and home service for our loved ones in need, extending their care not only to patients but also to their families,” said Claire. “I would absolutely advise anyone considering a skydive to face your fears and give back to ensure the hospice can continue providing their wonderful care.”

“I’ve never taken part in a charity fundraiser before, so I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to raise money for such an amazing charity!” said Georgia. “I’ve tried paragliding before, but your parachute is with you all the way. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the idea of free-falling. Plus, I’m a super nervous flyer! Nevertheless, it will be all worth it in the end.”

Michelle explains how you can support the group with their skydive

“You can sponsor us by clicking the link to our JustGiving page,” said Michelle. “Any contribution would be appreciated as it all adds up.”

Fancy a challenge?

If the group’s story has inspired you, why not consider taking on a Rowcroft challenge event? You could take the plunge and sign up for a skydive or explore Rowcroft’s range of challenge events. Learn more about these exciting opportunities here.

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