Introducing trustee James Moffat

A trusted hand at the helm

Father of two and the owner of several business including the Exeter-based digital agency ‘Organic’, James Moffat has made his mark in the corporate world, but his impact doesn’t stop there. He is also a dedicated volunteer trustee at Rowcroft, with a deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing the most challenging of times. Here we gain a fascinating glimpse into why he gives his time and expertise to the hospice.

Supporting the hospice

“Having been born and raised in South Devon, the opportunity to support Rowcroft – in even a small way as a trustee- was one that I felt privileged and compelled to do. Growing up in the region, I’ve witnessed first-hand the exemplary support and profound impact of the care provided by the Rowcroft team on families facing life-limiting illnesses.

“End-of-life care is a subject that at its heart has a unique paradox. We shy away from discussing it and rarely think of it unless we are compelled to. Yet, it’s one of the few life experiences that is universal, one that we will all share in. Being able to support an organisation that’s dedicated to making life for South Devon residents the best it possibly can be during what can be the hardest of times, is a mission I’m very happy to be able to support.”

James’ trustee role for Rowcroft

“As a trustee and a member of the financial committee, my main responsibility is to ensure – alongside others – the judicious use of funds to maximise the charity’s impact. With many plans in place and an increasingly uncertain world around us, managing the finances becomes even more crucial. I’m always ready to lend my expertise in digital transformation and marketing to the Rowcroft executive team when needed.”

An innovative roadmap for the hospice

“I’m particularly excited by the plans for Rowcroft. There’s a clear roadmap for the future, ensuring the hospice can continue to provide palliative care sustainably and, over time, extend its services to more people in our community. Seeing the plans for ‘Ella’s Gardens’ (the remodelled Inpatient Unit, the new nursing home and assisted living accommodation) come to fruition would be an incredible outcome for the local community. Rowcroft is also committed to leading in technology and innovation within palliative care, fostering globally leading advancements in its field of expertise. The organisation’s commercial approach is solid, aimed at establishing and investing in business activities to ensure a steady income for the charity for years to come.”

A meaningful role

“Above all, it’s a privilege to play even a small role in this vital mission. Collaborating with so many dedicated individuals, from the employees and volunteers to the generous donors – all part of the Rowcroft family – is an experience that is truly rewarding, valuable and that I enjoy.”


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