Devoted Daniela raises thousands through headshave

Here at Rowcroft, we’re so inspired by our amazing colleagues who go above and beyond to care for patients and families, whatever the situation. Over the difficult months of this pandemic, the devotion and courageous spirit shown by our employees and volunteers have been unbelievable: they have excelled themselves in so many ways to ensure that our expert care continues. Just one incredible example is our Friends and Family Fundraising Manager, Daniela Hopkins, who bravely took on a headshave in June, and with the support of her friends, family, colleagues and generous Rowcroft supporters, raised over £5,500 for Rowcroft. We asked Daniela a few questions about her fundraising challenge.

Why did you take on a headshave?

“I decided to take on a headshave challenge as I’ve never been very adventurous with my hair. My hair is my comfort, but I guess sometimes we just need to do things that push our own personal boundaries! So my challenge to have it all chopped off is my way of showing my appreciation for the hard work of my Rowcroft family, on and off the frontline, and for honouring the lives of patients we have cared for and the families that I have come to know personally through their fundraising efforts.”

How has completing your challenge for Rowcroft made you feel?

“Extremely proud! I’ve worked at Rowcroft for six and a half years and I’ve always been in awe of the care and support this amazing organisation offers our community. It’s a complete honour to have been part of such a wonderful team of people. My motivations were celebration and appreciation! To celebrate the last day of my lovely mum’s radiotherapy and also to appreciate the care that Rowcroft Hospice gives so lovingly to the community of South Devon.”

What would you say to someone who was thinking of raising money for Rowcroft?

“If a charity is close to your heart set yourself a challenge! Your family and friends are bound to support you knowing how much it means and their donation will make such a difference.
I’ve seen my mum battle her way through the diagnosis, the worry, the anxiety and now the treatment, in such a strong and courageous way. She is a great inspiration as she has shown that positive mental attitude certainly contributes towards the strength and resilience needed to overcome any challenges that life can throw at you. It has taught me that you can take on any challenge that you are faced with.

“Rowcroft is a wonderful charity that is funded mainly thanks to voluntary donations and gifts in Wills but, COVID-19 has pressed the pause button on most fundraising activity. The money isn’t coming in, yet our care teams are still working and putting their own lives at risk. They, along with many other teams across the whole organisation have had to find plenty of strength and resilience to ensure that patients and families are able to continue to access our care and support.”

If you would like to make a donation to Rowcroft, then please visit our donation page

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