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Over the last 2 years the Rowcroft website has seen a significant rise in visitors across all web pages and their TEN social media platforms.

This increase in web visitor numbers, social media followers and online donations is a direct result of the a new online marketing strategy, aligned with direct mail, offline PR and marketing activities.

Social fundraising, lottery revenue, online donations, and event sign ups, have tripled since 2017/18 and a new, successful social fundraising income stream (Give Panel) has been introduced raising £86,000 in 18 months.

The online marketing strategy was written and implemented in January 2019 by Stuart Devlin Digital Marketing Manager at Rowcroft Hospice.

Rowcroft website 3 year report (Oct 2020)

Rowcroft voted the 4th best charity website in the UK

The Rowcroft website has been voted the 4th best charity website in the UK

Stuart Devlin, Rowcroft Digital Marketing Manager said, “It’s fantastic accolade and a testament to the team in not only being recognized at a national level but also ranking above well-known, larger charities. We are a very small team in comparison and to see our skill, ambition, hard work, expertise and knowledge transfer bear fruition is very rewarding. How the team have adapted to our new working patterns, smarter flexible hours, quicker online processes and yet remain swift, agile and up-to-date throughout Covid-19 is a real credit to everyone involved”.

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Author Danni Webber is an expert web developer and PHP coder

Online marketing strategy 2019

Care first, is the heart and soul of our brand and communications.

The digital marketing strategy’s primary objective was to improve all commercial and revenue generating pages of the website by 10% in year 1 (2019) and by a further 10% in year 2 (2020). As well as increase our social media followers and conversions by 10% on our four main social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter). This objective has been surpassed.

The results*  have been achieved by improving both the user journey (UX) and user interface (UX) across the whole website, and installing Google Goals, user heat maps and Google Tag Manager to focus in on the donation page user journey, event sign-up process and 3rd party sites, lottery pages and payment gateways, key fundraising events, challenges, education and dedicated appeal pages. *(Google Analytics & Facebook AdManager)

New targeted and segmented website visitors have also been acquired by positioning our Rowcroft Facebook page at the heart of our South Devon Facebook community (and beyond). “It takes a community t make a Hospice”

Using a mix of compelling video content and complex persona based targeted Facebook campaigns, (including Facebook Re-targeting Pixels & Facebook Video Views Data Capture) and broadcasting a series of audience specific videos ads through to drive targeted and segmented website visitors to specific areas of the website.

Our online social media user data is acquired (by consent) by using Facebook Audiences & Custom Audiences and Google Pixels and Facebook Groups Marketing (both covered in our cookie policy) As such we are able serve video ads an other online and social content to our most receptive and converting social media audience.

Rowcroft online marketing strategy 2019


In-house video marketing production.

Story telling and leading with “care first” approach has always been at key aspect of Rowcroft’s communications.

Bringing video production in-house and using the latest in agile video production PROMO Video we are able to quickly produce more high quality, low cost, dynamic and engaging video content.

Paid for and organic videos are broadcast across all our social media channels and critically are timed in conjunction with all our direct mail and door drop activity, using the postcodes matching on Facebook Geo Targeting with out direct mail postcode areas and offline marketing.

Since it’s launch for Rowcroft’s Sleep Walk, we have produced TEN Promo videos campaigns which has critical tool to communicate a number of important messages for our services across the hospice.

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Rowcroft social media follower increases.

We have been busy behind the scenes implementing our social media strategy, which has seen a dramatic increases in our social media followers, our reach, engagement, social conversions, video views, social data capture and Facebook fundraisers.

Our the in-house team of social marketers, designers, video content producers and strategist (hands-on), who can implement an number of both  large scale and smaller social media campaigns

Rowcroft social media follower increases


Neil Thomas Rowcroft social media video

Not only was Neil high profile online and very active on Facebook, but he was also very engaging, charismatic, watchable and supported and encouraged by an army of online followers.

Engagement was key, and our team were busy, day, evenings and weekends managing the overwhelming comments, likes, shares. It was a crazy , but an awe-inspiring week.

Our Thank You to Neil was video was viewed over 28,000 times of Facebook and used on ITV West Country Pride of Britain Awards


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