We need new beds

High quality beds are the most essential piece of equipment in end-of-life care. They provide vital comfort and support for patients through what can be the hardest times imaginable. But after 20 years in constant use, the beds in our Inpatient Unit are in need of replacing.

We also hope to buy some new pull-out beds – to give patients and their loved ones the chance to lie together for precious cuddles. For someone with a partner in their final days, or for a child who is saying goodbye to a parent, this type of bed helps families to make the most of every moment, creating lasting memories to cherish forever.

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"A bed may sound relatively simple, but it's one of the main sources of physical support and comfort for patients"

Bev Stevenson, our Inpatient Unit Modern Matron explains: “In order to continue delivering outstanding care, we need to ensure we have the best possible equipment. Many of our patients spend most of their time in bed, so it is vital that we do everything we can to make them as comfortable as possible.”

The replacement parts for the beds are no longer manufactured, and they are becoming increasingly difficult to source. So at this challenging time in this pandemic, we need to raise £50,000 to purchase new beds. The pull-out beds alone cost £10,000 and the standard beds are £2,000 each – a substantial cost to the hospice at this time.

Please can you help by making a donation? For us as a local charity, every small act of kindness makes a massive difference. Please give what you can.

Please donate here directly or via Paypal:    

Please will you make a regular donation?

Making a regular donation is the very best way to support us, as it offers us a guaranteed income through these challenging times of financial unpredictability.

You will be helping local people who need us, ensuring families receive the support and care they need through these difficult days and beyond. Your regular donation allows us to plan ahead and to provide long-term care for our patients and families.

£5 a month will fund two music therapy sessions for patients and their families, to help ease anxiety, stress and tension.

£10 a month will keep our Hospice at Home nurses on the road for three days, supporting patients at home across South Devon.

£15 a month will fund six bereavement sessions for a local family, providing vital support during this difficult time.

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